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Bagged Salt

We sell multiple different types of bagged Rock Salt. All our bags are 50lbs each, and are sold individually, by the pallet or drop shipped by the semi-load. Bagged Ice Melts are good for contractors with tailgate and hand spreaders. The products are uniform in size with little to no dust.
We will deliver pallets of our bagged products for an additional charge. Call for pricing (317) 443-3527.

Performs to –22F Degrees
80% less corrosive than Rock Salt
Environmentally Friendlier. Use 40% less Ice Melter
Pet Friendlier. Biodegradable & Water Soluble
Amazing Residual value for continued performance

Works to –20F Degrees
Fast Acting
Orange Color Tracer
Includes Corrosion Inhibitor

Screened Rock Salt
Uniform in size
Works to 5F Degrees
Blue Color Tracer makes it easy to see

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