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Magic Salt



We currently own and operate 9 Tri-axle Dump Trucks.

Our Tri-axles can haul any amount from 1 ton to 22 tons depending on how much product you need.  Tailgate spreading is an option if you need it.  We do not charge extra for this service.  It is just a courtesy if requested, but there is never any guarantee how the product will come out of the truck.  Light raking or even use of a tractor/bobcat may be required.

We have one Single Axle Dump Truck.  This truck is great for smaller spaces.  It can haul any amount from 1 to 8 tons of product.  It can also be used for hauling of construction debris and can be loaded with a bobcat. 

We have one Tri-axle with a conveyor bed on it.  This truck can be used to place aggregate materials were it can be difficult to access with a machine.  We primarily use this truck to convey Pea Gravel and Stone into new construction homes, but it can also be used to convey Pulverized Topsoil, Sand or Mulch.

We have a Bobcat on Tracks that can be used to do driveway add-ons, grading existing drives, placement of stone in drive that have overhanging trees or powerlines, and loading up debris to be hauled off.

“How much product do I need?”


Length: (in feet)
Width: (in feet)
Depth: (in inches)
Tonnage: Tons


Tri-axle holds between 1 and 23 tons of product
Single-axle holds between 1 and 8 tons of product

To calculate tonnage use:
Length x Width x Depth x .0043 =Tonnage
(Length and width should be measured in feet, depth should be measured in inches)

Tri-axle holds 15 cu. yds of dirt
holds 5.5 cu yds of dirt

To Calculate cubic yards use:
Length x Width x Depth ÷ 27 = cubic yards
(Length, width, and depth should be measured in feet)


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