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Magic Salt



Oversized Gravel – Used for decorative landscaping on flat surfaces and in dry riverbeds.

5 L Gravel, also known as “River Rock” – Gravel that is 1” to 1 ½: in size. Used for septic systems and Landscaping.

#8 Gravel – Gravel that is marble sized. Used for drainage and landscaping.

Rip Rap – Limestone that is 6” to 9” in size. Used for erosion control and drainage. Used for retention ponds and drainage ditches.


Pulverized Topsoil – Topsoil that has been ground to a fine consistency by a dirt pulverizer. Great for gardens and flower beds that will be worked by hand.

Non-Pulverized Topsoil – Topsoil that has not been processed but comes from the top layer of the ground. Used for landscaping and gardens.

Fill dirt – Dirt that is not topsoil. Used as fill only, and will most of the time contain stone, gravel and dirt mixed together. Comes from the layer of soil below the topsoil and does not contain the proper nutrients needed to grow vegetation.

“How much product do I need?”


Length: (in feet)
Width: (in feet)
Depth: (in inches)
Tonnage: Tons


Tri-axle holds between 1 and 23 tons of product
Single-axle holds between 1 and 8 tons of product

To calculate tonnage use:
Length x Width x Depth x .0043 =Tonnage
(Length and width should be measured in feet, depth should be measured in inches)

Tri-axle holds 15 cu. yds of dirt
holds 5.5 cu yds of dirt

To Calculate cubic yards use:
Length x Width x Depth ÷ 27 = cubic yards
(Length, width, and depth should be measured in feet)


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